Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Motifs were demonstrated throughout the book of mice and men. There have been examples of strengths and weaknesses. There have been examples of loneliness and companionship. Also there were examples of the corrupting powers of women. In fact motifs could be fund anywhere in this book.

Strengths that I really noticed, in fact one I think everyone noticed was the strength of Lennie. Not only was Lennie physically strong but also he had a great strength in helping a task to be performed. When working with the guys he made things a lot easier. Along with working strength, Lennie, Candy and George had a great strength when it came to strategy. All three were able to strategies a plan of success to get them living the or what we call “The Good Life”. One weakness, which got in the way, was Lennie and his condition.

Along with strength and weaknesses came loneliness and companionship. One prime example of that would have to be Candy and his dog. They had such a loving relationship, the two were inseperable. Candy had a one true friend in him and visa versa. This was all put to an end when the dog aged with candy becoming to old to work anymore and creating conflict between dog and workers. This led to the death of Candy’s best friend, causing him loneliness. This isn’t the only example, when Curley married his wife, it seemed, as very young married couple would think, that it was the start of great loving companionship. Things didn’t go as well planed. Curley’s wife lost that companionship she seeked, this causing her loneliness. In an attempt to fill the void she seeks out the attention of other males.

From the loneliness the true corrupting powers of women were truly shown. Not only did she try to flirt with George in the beginning of the story but she try s to flirt with almost every guy she comes across. Marrying Curley which had seemed to be a dream complete, turned into a nightmare of loneliness, longing and bondage. It was as if she had no right to anything. Curley gave her no attention and no one else was allowed to either. Through this circumstance Curley’s wife try’s as hard as she can to use her corrupting women powers. She would make sure she wore the right clothes, the right attitude and definitely she made sure she had the right words. This all led to problems between the guys and Curley all over ONE woman.

Motifs can be found in any situation. Every book you pick up to read you find a lot of motifs. The book of mice and men really had great motifs exhibited.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Service learning Plan 5/28/08

  The sales have been a success! so far in my service learning group (Community giving) we have raised over a hundred dollars. Now our only task is to figure out what exactly to do with the money, as well as how much to put towards what? i hope to evenly divide the money and spend it wisely on things that different children will be interested in based upon the wish list which had been given to us at the last meeting. After we purchase the items next  I plan on being able to send them to the hospital, whether we do it by mail or we travel on our own.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

of mice and men bloom's taxonomy

1) What questions would you ask of Crooks to find out more of what type of person is on the inside? To truly get inside the mind of Crooks I would have to ask him questions pertaining to his own values. I would try to figure out his personal background such as things about his family, his house and his childhood. The greatest question I would have to ask was his feelings on life, asking was he lonely along with who is one person he really feels he can trust. Though Crooks may seem stubborn on the outside, I believe there is plenty of good inside.

2) Lennie loved to pet “soft things” he even would pet a puppy so much to a fatal point. How was this similar to the incident, which happened later along the line causing Lennie great controversy and affecting his fate? The incident where Lennie became too aggressive with a newborn puppy, which he loved so dearly, foreshadowed the killing of Curley’s wife. Just as Lennie fell in love with the texture of the fur of a puppy, he fell in love with the texture of Curley’s wife ‘s long brown hair. In both incidents Lennie crossed the line accidentally taking a life.

3) What was the problem with Candy's dog? Candy's dog had grown old causing difficulties with his health. He was not able to walk as normal due to joint problems; also he was suffering with not having all of his legs. Not was the dog doing harm to himself, but he bothered those around him. The dog caused problems with smell of the area causing things to stink. No matter how much Candy loved this dog, inevitably he would go as long as the other farmers were around.

4) What factors would you change if you were the caretaker of Lennie to avoid issues George came across? If I had the responsibility of taking care of Lennie I would barely let him out of my sight. Though it would be hard I would have to try and keep an eye on him 24/7. George knew just as well as anyone else that Lennie did not his own strength. In knowing that I wouldn't even allow Lennie to be in isolation at all, not even quietly with a pup.

5) How is Candy Similar to Candy's dog? Candy and his dog are very much alike. Not only are they alike age wise, but also they really have a lot in common. Candy and his dog had a connection as great as two humans. Just as Candy hel0ped his dog, comforting him, his dog gave him company in return, lastly both candy and his dog suffered from disabilities Candy, a missing hand and his dog a missing leg.

6) What are some of the problems with working on a farm and running your own land and business? Having the opportunity and responsibility of running your own farm and business could become very complicated. Though having your own is a nice thought. With ownership come responsibilities. Having your own land means you have to keep up with every part to make sure all is well. If you have crops you want to prevent animals from getting to them, as well as if you want to take care of your property well you need the right equipment. Though having plenty of workers is a good source, it is good to make sure that all are working; none of the property is stolen as well as being fair with pay.

7) If I were able to question Aunt Clara I would first begin by asking her “what happened to Lennie”? Did this problem occur during birth or did it happen due to an accident which as a child. Next I would ask Aunt Clara what age was Lennie when he first got a faddish for petting “soft things” and why didn’t you stop it earlier before it became a problem.

8) After the death of Curley’s wife I believe there were other possible outcomes instead of killing Lennie. George knowing of Lennies condition could of decided to take pity on him by not shooting him but by taking him with him on another run just lie when they escaped from “Weed”. By taking him to another location they could learn from their mistakes and decide not to go the same path again. Next time George could keep better watch of Lennie. I think that what ever the decision keeping Lennie was the best because he really was a great help.

9) The underlining theme of Mice and Men would have to be the principles of humanity. Though throughout the book conflicts of human Nature was demonstrated. These conflicts were shown by the way Curley’s father really didn’t seem to care about background too much just as long as they were good workers. During the interview with George and Lennie Curley’s dad basically judged based upon what was on the outside. Also Curley’s wife had a natural women instinct to her, which caused her to crave attention from males. Having just Curley wasn’t enough for her. She become bored, her human instincts made her have greed. Lastly the want of money and ownership caused the whole journey of the task to find their own farm to run.

American Dream

Have you ever dreamed before? You know, believed that your perfect little plan of success you had mapped out would all come to happened someday. That you would get that one true love of your life, or maybe you would get that job which doesn't realistically seem obtainable. In America this dream technique is very common, to be of a great success in the future, with a nice house, nice job, fame (for some) and fortune you could swim in. This is what we call THE AMERICAN DREAM. Not saying dreams aren't real and they can't come true , just simply saying there is always a stumbling block along the way. When you look at the book of mice and men, George and Lennie hold a dream . A dream which was yet to be altered by things society brought along. Things such as attitudes of "every man for himself ",along with unity of brotherhood which took a turn for the worst.

From the beginning George took his surroundings and place them accordingly to fit his puzzle of success. Though at first he inevitably had to work for a boss on a farm in which he did not own, he was able to meet a guy by the name of Candy who really took his dream to another level. Using Candy for money and also for work was a great way to help start his own farm. George being able to have his own farm...brought fortune. Aside from his own benefits , this would be the first time he'd be apart of a family. All three would finally feel like they have someone. George , Lennie and Candy could look out for one another. This was a good thing for it is true that in order to have a great start or even success, you need support.
At times we know support is essential for another success, but greed and distrust sometimes tend to get in the way. Curley's wife couldn't of set a better example. She just couldn't settle for one guy and one guy only. It seemed as if she were in between four walls and wanted to know what else is there? Curley's wasn't allowing that though , he couldn't he himself was dealing with a selfish, low self-esteemed side to him . Not trusting anyone, at times he would confront Slim on the where abouts of his wife. Slim wasn't the only one Curley harassed, but he even stooped low enough with his distrust and paranoia to attack Lennie. As long as he was around he wasn't allowing peace between any of the guy's. Controversy was Curley's style.
This style eventually led up to one of the greatest problems the guy's ever had to encounter. Like a lot of the problems they faced unity was the key to tackling them. Uniting to work together on a farm, also as hard as it was for Candy, coming together in order to put an end to what they called a miserable life for the dog. Like these incidents though, their last union had to be the greatest problem yet. Though Lennie meant well he had to face a conflict within himself, that issue was his own strength. This strength led to the one who loved controversies ,wife being killed. Everyone knew already of Lennie's condition , but that didn't stop Curley. The story ended with Unity. An union to put an end to Lennie's life. Leaving a dream of tending rabbits inevitibly ruined.
Dreams can as real, yet so fake, all depending on what standards you have set for yourself. We learn from our choices we make. Getting side tracked along the way, we may fall. With falling we may not reach our goals as fast , but with perseverance this "Dream" can actually become reality.

Monday, May 5, 2008

reflection 5/5/08

 We finally after all the hard work have came to a conclusion. Last session, task were assigned to several students in our group. Finally this Friday we will take our first step in our attempt to help children at The Children's hospital of Philadelphia. Friday May 9, 2008 we will be holding a fundraiser, where we will be selling ice cream along with water ice in exchange for new books for children. Hopefully we can gain things not only for reading but to help out with different children in all types of conditions needs. 

Friday, April 25, 2008

4-25-08 service learning

Today I plan on discuss in what we can do to further our attempt to help out at children's hospital. We can start by finding ways to raise money in order to buy things that are needed by the children at the hospital. i also hope to discuss things that are important such as what the hospital will allow us to do. 

First meeting reflection

Our first meeting turned out pretty O.K. As we sat in a group we discussed obtainable goals to help out the needy community. Our options consisted of helping the homeless, orphan children, people affected by HIV, people in hospitals with no loved ones along with people living in shelters. Though all of these ideals should be looked upon with concern, I really liked the ideal of helping the homeless and those in shelters. I feel that most of the time they have no voice. It seems as if everyday we walk by and glance without a second thought and go on about our business. If nothing else I feel that we can at least give what is needed to those in need and concern is one of them, if they have no one else to care for them, to show them love ,to realize that they are as much as a human as we are, them we as a community are not doing our job.